The Story


"In my college years, amidst the bustling campus life where the latest tech and branded coffee cups were the symbols of 'cool,' I found myself at a crossroads of inspiration. It all began with a song, a melody that emerged from the depths of personal growth and healing – 'Run free, rule each minute until you reign again.' This was more than just a lyric; it was a call to action, a spark that ignited a passion for giving back.

But there was a challenge: in the world around me, giving and philanthropy didn't hold the same allure as the trendiest brands or gadgets. I realized that if I wanted to make a real impact, if I wanted to draw my generation into the act of giving, I had to blend it with something they already loved. Thus, RUN RULE REIGN was born, not just as a brand but as a movement to redefine 'cool.'

The idea was simple yet profound – start with just one shirt, a symbol of style and a catalyst for change. This shirt was to be more than just apparel; it was a statement, a conversation starter, a way to weave generosity into the fabric of everyday life.

RUN RULE REIGN® is more than just a clothing line; it's our answer to a world where giving back should be as trendy and engaging as the latest must-have item. It’s a testament to the belief that fashion and philanthropy can walk hand in hand, creating a new wave of cool – where your style speaks not just of your taste, but of your heart.

So here we are, making 'giving' the new trend, one shirt, one heart, one act of kindness at a time."

Let's begin.

The Start

Family loss inspired the writing of a song that sang, "Run free. Rule each minute until you reign again." With the purpose of this lyric to be a self-reminder that there is hope for a better future, it gradually evolved from a personal journal to a public movement.

Project Reign.

First Giving

Before clothing, the song first inspired donating to low-income families in West Africa who had personal or relational experiences of the life of widowhood—providing resources to impoverished children and widows near ancestral villages to give them a chance to reign.

The Original Tee™

The First Tee

After this simple design for the Original Tee was presented, a friend encouraged the first production of shirts. The popular shirt design, first made in Texas, USA, established the brand's origin, hence the name "Original Tee."

Lights, camera, action.

The First Shoot

Barely acquainted with each other, the model in this photo and our novice smartphone photographer and founder just went with the flow to complete the first photoshoot. For first-timers, we'd say this shoot turned out pretty good.

A New Beginning


It took a village to develop and evolve RUN RULE REIGN--the brand that gives by outfitting the world.

RUN RULE REIGN® has landed

It's a new dawn for a fresh beginning.