During this time of unprecedented uncertainty, all of us here are concerned about the safety and well-being of our families, colleagues, partners, friends and neighbors.

We have opened our store, while placing a lot of focus into helping our communities via social-distancing efforts and through social media. Part of our collection is available at this time and more items will be released as stay-at-home measures are modified for the cities of our operation sites.

We built our store with the purpose of supporting poor widows and children in West Africa, but we built this brand to motivate every individual and to remind you that you can reign through any challenge. In challenging situations our togetherness and attitudes can conquer. During this unprecedented time, we have decided that all proceeds will go towards helping those affected by COVID-19.

Our global community needs support now more than ever and we are stepping up to this challenge ready to do what we can to help. We invite you to join us by staying home to protect our medical professionals who are fighting for us every day; by following CDC and public health guidelines to slow the spread; and by supporting your local communities in need.

CDC on Coronavirus (COVID19):

CDC | Apple COVID-19 screening tool:


Due to the national and global restrictions along with the overall increase in courier use, delivery times may vary than those posted on our Shipping & Delivery page.