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There are 258 million widows with 585 million dependent children across the globe.


of these widows live in extreme poverty.


→ In developing nations, widows suffer social, economical, physical and psychological trauma. They are deprived of their human rights and have been weakened of their fight towards empowerment.


We start this fight for empowerment in West Africa where

1 in 10 women

above the age of 14 is widowed.

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Widows are frequently accused of killing their husbands and undergo evictions and seizure of property by the late husband’s relatives. This still remains prevalent in most of West Africa.


The majority of widows in West Africa live in poor household environments and partake in customary “cleansing” rituals which contributes to poor health conditions and the spread of disease, including HIV/AIDS.


The children must endure exploitation which include child labor, prostitution and can be used as bargaining assets to strip widows of their possessions and human rights.


“Collectively, and through no fault of their own, they have little hope of reversing a life of ever diminishing options.”

- The Loomba Foundation, World Widows Report 2015