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Long-Term Vision.

We believe that the social and economic rights of a widow should be secured and defended by law and communities. With our giving partners, Nigerian and local communities, we will continue to spread empowerment to widows around the globe as we begin the fight in West Africa by providing access to entrepreneurship opportunities, basic needs and education for their children.

Or long-term vision is that widows across the globe will be able to find protection of their inherent rights in their local communities and in the laws of their land.

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 As our brand expands, we are excited to know that our message and mission will follow. Because of our customers and partners, the developments of our mission will grow and affect change not only in communities of West Africa but also across the globe. We feel that power of awareness will inspire government officials and famous leaders to advocate for change in their own communities.


Support Our Vision.

Help us bring empowerment to widows in West Africa.