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1 out of 1 person experiences a struggle. Let’s aim to be kind. Always.

No one person experiences the same exact struggle. Though some elements may be similar in comparison to others, it is our individual experiences, culture, background, demographic and state-of-mind that separates our struggle from the next. Whatever that struggle may be, it can send us to a new territory of discomfort and feeling alone.

As our customer purchases will continue to advance towards helping widows in West Africa, we will support the different causes that surround each of us in our own communities. With our partners, we will bring to the light the different issues that affect our world daily by donating and providing services to those affected. We are grateful that we will have the opportunity to supply good conversation as we provide services to different issues which include autoimmune illnesses, mental health, homelessness, child diseases and more.


No matter the struggle or determined outcome we want you to run free, rule each minute until you reign again.

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We understand the phrase “it takes a village” and are grateful to our giving partners for helping us raise awareness and provide growth in the developments of our pursuit in helping others.


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